In a nutshell, web hosting is the process of renting space for your website on a publicly accessible computer (a server). Some websites might require their own server while most can share a server with 100's of other websites. These servers make your website available to the world wide web (www), When creating an online presence, reliable web hosting is essential. Our platform hosts over 17 million sites globally. There's no substitute for a proven track record.

Monthly Changes

All our hosting plans include a level of routine website maintenance. Addresses change, employees come and go, images need to be updated, and sometimes things just need changing. Our plans include all that, so you won’t be getting huge bills for every little change. It’s the right thing to do. About the only thing not included in those "changes" is substantial website redesigns or additions of complete pages, but you’ll find that we’re pretty easy to work with even on things like that.

But just ask our customers. They'll tell you we're ridiculously accommodating.